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Friday, 11 March 2011

Fish Fight Continues.................

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An update from Hugh regarding the BIG FISH FIGHT!

Dear Fish Fighters,
I'm writing to you all again sooner than I had expected, but I have just received some very exciting Fish Fight news that I'm sure you'll want to hear about. I'm also convinced there is a great opportunity now for direct action from you to bring about an even better result – so please read on! Here's the headline:Princes, the largest tinned tuna supplier in the UK, have committed to making a dramatic change in the way they source their tuna. They have just announced that they will stop relying on purse seine fishing on fish aggregation devices (FADs). As we highlighted in the Fish Fight series earlier in the year, this fishing method is responsible for huge amounts of bycatch including sharks, rays and other fish, and even some turtles.

Joining forces with Greenpeace, we directly challenged Princes to either change the way they catch tuna, or to remove the misleading environmental statements they were making on their tins.We're delighted to say they've chosen the former option!Princes have pledged that by the end of 2014 all their tinned tuna will be caught by either pole and line or FAD-free purse seine nets.This is tremendous news.This latest result brings the company in line with Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose, whose tinned tuna is all FAD free. Let's not also forget Tesco, who made a fantastic commitment to go 100% pole and line back in January, just before our programmes went out. We've also just heard that Asda have committed to match Princes's strategy to remove all FADs from their supply chains.So what is next? That leaves just two companies - John West and Morrisons - which are refusing to stop buying tuna caught by purse seine fishing on FADs. We now have a massive opportunity to make these companies improve their practices, starting with John West. I'd like to ask you to help take this campaign one step further by emailing John West to urge them to change their tuna sourcing, by dropping FADs and/or sourcing from pole and line fisheries. You can find all the details on how to do this on Greenpeace's website. It will only take a few minutes to do but I'm absolutely convinced that direct pressure from you could rapidly bring about this vital change.Email John West now!The rest of the Fish Fight campaign continues full steam ahead! As part of our research for a Channel 4 follow up programme we've been talking to a wide range of NGOs, decision makers, fishermen, scientists and industry members. Thanks to your incredible support, we have access to all the major players shaping the future of our fisheries.And we're also very keen to hear more about what you're up to. If you are an individual or a family that has dramatically changed your fish eating habits as a result of the campaign, we're really keen to hear from you. Please do get in touch via hello@fishfight.net and you could be featured in the next Channel 4 programme.Many thanks and as always keep fish fighting!Best,Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

We’ve loved seeing pictures of the sustainable fish suppers you’ve been cooking. Like this Pan-sauteed herring atop of a sweet potato, potato and beetroot hash from Claire Kleinedler. Please send further pictures of your culinary delights to hello@fishfight.net
You've sent us some great videos of your incredible campaigning stories. But we need more so we can feature them in our follow-up programme. This could be as simple as filming a poster you have in your car, a sustainable dinner you cook, or a Fish Fight event you hold. Please send videos or links from YouTube to hello@fishfight.net and you could be on Channel 4!

But we still need more! Please continue to help spread the word. Email this newsletter to a friend…or three!
Have you tried this tasty and sustainable alternative yet? If your local doesn’t have mackerel on the menu, ask them why not! Then add them to the MackMap and we’ll do the rest.
Net yourself a Fish Fighter t-shirt, bag or even a babygro and help support the campaign. Please note we are not making any money from the sale of these products; they are just to help publicise the campaign.

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