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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts"
Winston Churchill

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Todays Class and my friend MANDIE

Big shout out to all the lovely Lady's in my class today, we had the most wonderful time.
Love the new hair style Louise!

WHEN I find that blinking camera cable I will upload photos of the delightful cards which we made.
(Ewan is giving me stick about that now too - Eck)
Can I make an apology to MANDIE, sorry honey pie I spelt your name wrong on my profile, will change it now....(You shouldn't go having a funky spelt name eh!!! xxx)
Dee I hope you back is better soon!
Jane B, we all missed you today and I hope that your much better soon lots and lots of love xxx (MandIE took your place in the naughty spot today - only kidding)
Anyway I need sleep got a long day ahead of me tomorrow...............
I'll leave you all with a lovely photo of Spring, which I'm hoping is just round the corner


Mandie said...

Hi Hun, thanks for the name change! I appreciate the correction and i apologise for my behaviour!! I MUST DO BETTER!!!!!

dee said...

Hi, must just say thanks to Mandie for the clear instructions on how to sign up for blog- never done it before so cheers. What did i miss? did you behave any worse than normal today mandie? ha ha.
Great class as always sarah, i'm sure i'll be feeling my normal self by next time - back is on the mend now.