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Friday, 17 July 2009

Well Done Lindsay Mason.....

Congratulations to my dear friend Lindsay Mason!
Lindsay was on with the lovely Dawn Bibby on QVC Wednesday evening, showcasing some of her new clear stamp designs.
Most sets sold out and I am very pleased for her, the designs are really beautiful!
Lat night and tonight I was busy preparing for my mammoth weekend ahead, I am so looking forward to it, I've even roped Ewan in to cutting and chopping card to be ready in time.
However don't worry ladies he still has time for some chocolate brownies can cakes!
I'll post again during the weekend with samples of what we have been working on.
Take Care Sarah xxx

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Bobbie said...

I loved the acrylic stamps but wasn't quick enough! any idea where I can get them? particularly the 'shelf' designs in acrylic - e-mail me plz bobbiejj2008@gmail.com - thanx