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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sorting my Craft Room

Good Morning Everyone,
Just wanted to say Hi and let you know how my progress of sorting out my craft room's going.

I have more ribbons that I care to imagine here I have bought some plain glass jars from ASDA £1.00 each and have sorted into colours.
Blue & Green, Pink & Purple, Red, Yellow, Cream & Brown and Black and White.
On top of this I have a customised ribbon box with full rolls just to hand.

I estimate that this will take many weekends plugging away, and do watch out on ebay I will be selling loads to great gear to make space for new designs and materials.
This stamp from Inkadinkado will be on tomorrow for example.

Anyway having lunch with a dear friend of mind and her husband today then off to Penrith to see Ewan's Mum and Dad for like a milli-second, before they get the boat back to Ireland. They have been over to see Ewan's younger brother who is currently training to be in the Army!

So will check in with some fab cards later in the week.

Take Care Love Sarah xxx

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rozzi roo said...

Fab idea using the jars...I need to sort out my spiders web of ribbon too! How do I find your items on ebay - would like to have a look-see. Hope you are well. x