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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ewan's Photo's

Good Morning All,
Sometimes my husband shocks me with how fantastic he really is! Not only was last nights dinner a fab homemade quiche of Goats Cheese, Sweet Potato and red onion, the best quiche I've ever tasted but as I was flicking through uploaded photos on our home PC, I came across these beauties.

Now as many of you know Ewan is into lots of sports and mountain biking is one of them. If he is off during the week he will take himself off to somewhere nice for the day.
Anyway these are some where in Yorkshire. The area looks amazing and so, so beautiful. I didn't realise that he snapped these on his "phone" omg!!!

Hope that you enjoy then as much as I do...... (more photos to follow my computer is not letting me upload anymore!!)

Take Care,

Sarah xxx

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