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Monday, 17 January 2011

The Big FISH Fight

Good Morning Bloggers,
I rarely encourage thoughts or ideas onto other people, however after watching a whole week of programmes on Channel 4 dedicated to looking into the state the fishing industry I am urging you to have a look on the Channel 4 website read the interviews, watch the "4OD" programmes and sign the petitions.
Ewan and I are truly disgusted in the way we not only catch Fish, but more importantly "DISCARDED" back into the sea!!! Not to mention the barbaric and utterly disgusting way sharks are being murdered simply for the fins. Last nights programme "Gordan Ramsey's shark tail" was disturbing in so may ways. Huge sharks are being caught, brought on deck, having their fins sliced off and then thrown back into the sea to die a long and painful death. This can not go on, for the sake of a £90 bowl of shark fin soup! Disgraceful!
It is such an important campaign, fronted by some of the country's well known celebrity chefs, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Heston Blumenthal. This is one time I believe the general public can help make the Fisheries commission change the way quotas are set to protect our fish stocks but more importantly reduce the amount of "wastage". The amount of dead fish thrown back into the seas due to unrealistic quotas is shameful, it could feed so many people, not enough people eat fresh fish as due to the ever increasing cost, forced to rise by 'again' the quotas!
Anyway better get off my soap box now, and get back to work but Cceck out http://www.fishfight.net/
Love Sarah and Bump xxx

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