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Winston Churchill

Friday, 2 October 2009

How time fly's.......

Good Morning All,
I must apologise for not bloggin in a while I have been so busy designing and prepping workshops, Designing for magazine articles (out Dec/Jan - can't wait) and tidying my craft room.
I look at some of the "Studios" on the Internet from America and feel so ashamed of my room, I mean it's such a tip, I'm slowly clearing out old unused products and saving to get a new desk and more storage, but it's so hard. I will be having another clear out soon, so keep your eyes peeled on EBay for the chance to pick up some bargains. I'll also have another tea and cake night at my house soon!!!!
I am not normally so untidy in my "real" job as a project Manager for NHS Blackburn With Darwen I run a whole service and have to be so organised it's untrue, and scarily I manage it. But when it comes to my craft room, there is no chance.
Anyway later today I will post some photos of what I was working on last night, cute little ATCs and cards with an autumnal and Halloween theme, I have never made anything with Pumpkins or spooks before but this year I really wanted to have a go.

This is the Inkadinkado Halloween stamp set I have been using along with the spiders web at the top!

Anyway catch you all later,

Love Sarah xxx


angie's blogspot said...

love the stamps, I saw you last week on the market manning some kind of stall, I think it was wednesday,

Sarah McCrossan said...

Yeh! Hi Angie,
Yes I work for the NHS as project manager, so was trying to promot my new scheme in the Marke last wednesday. It was really sucessful.
You should have some and said hello!
The stamps as great I'm trying to get good photos of the cards I've made using them, but my camera's not having it!
Take Care, Love S