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Winston Churchill

Friday, 23 October 2009


Good Evening,

Just a quick post while I am prepping tomorrows class at the Dawn Bibby Design Studio, we have a beautiful, yet fury little house guest tonight, yes this is "Thumper" the rabbit who I found wandering around my garden earlier this evening, I took him in and tried on a few doors to see if he/she? belonged to anybody??? Well no owners as yet!

Will try again tomorrow after my class, so in the meanwhile he is living in our guest bathroom complete with a makeshift bed, using an old cardboard box and some old tea-towels.

If anybody has any advise on looking after rabbits please do post, I am not too hot on this topic.

If no luck with potential owners I'll try the RSPCA and see what they say, he may be micro chipped? If not we might have a new addition to the family.

He is just the cutest!

Night All,

Love Sarah xxx

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